2010-10-11 22:05:54 by makopudding

How many people have found this room? :)



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2010-10-11 22:15:37

I found it after I got all the deaths in the game. All the skulls are placed in the swamp tree, and the tree raises out of the swamp and works like an elevator to take you to the robot creators. This is where I received the Headless medal from hitting the robot with the stick on the left at the monitor. If there is anything else, please let me know. I'm still stuck on getting two more secret medals, and then I'll have them all. So far, I have the Birdie, Headless, Liberal Animation, Sorceress, Your Head Essplode, and Holy Shhhhhh secret medals. Still missing the other two. If anyone knows what they are please feel free to share.


2010-10-11 22:30:26

I've found it. Also, have the two broken secret medals been fixed yet? I would really like to know before I possibly waste my time trying to get them again :D.


2010-10-11 23:50:00

Found the room.
Keep making games like this. I am thoroughly enjoying them.


2010-10-12 00:02:40

Found the room too. Have all medals but two secret ones that apparently no one got yet...


2010-10-12 00:49:42

Yes!! I got all deaths :D and get in there... and kill the creators ahaha1!
3 weeks uh? I hope part 3 will be soon...


2010-10-12 00:50:41

Wow....where do I find that room?

PM me.


2010-10-12 01:01:31 it photoshop?

Or is everything actually painted with water colors?

makopudding responds:

Everything is done in watercolor. There are some touchups in photoshop but it is minimal.


2010-10-12 01:31:04

I was gonna find it by myself and after i refreshed and saw a review about the medals.I never expected to remove robot heads there because he said 'figures instead'.You sure got me there.
Oh and thanks for fixing those bugs.
2 more medals to GO!


2010-10-12 01:36:07

lols, I loved this scene! great art work and quite the treat after playing the game for so long! So far i've got all but the last 2 secret medals... those 2 continue to elude me....


2010-10-12 03:11:13

Hello Mako! Your game was great :) After I got all the deaths, for some reason, I couldn't click the easter egg. Hopefully you would fix this bug. Anyways, can't wait to visit the secret room!


2010-10-12 04:12:59

I found it after I finally completed all the deaths in the game.

Lol, and then I found out about the secret medal you get when you visit.

The room sort of reminded me of that secret room you visit in Chrono Trigger where you meet the staff. lol

Seriously we need hints about secret medals 2 and 5.

Is the owl a red herring?

makopudding responds:

The owl is a red herring.


2010-10-12 05:26:29

how to get the medal "fairy"?


2010-10-12 08:54:50

Hansel and Gretel 2 is incredible, thank you for all the work that went into making that game. I'll be playing it for a long time.


2010-10-12 09:16:39

I've been trying too hard now. I will get to see this room soon though, hopefully. But you know what? I played it through once to get all the deaths so I can see this room. And when I was done playing through the game, I accidently missed one death. This pissed me off - but I just thought I had to play it through once more. So, then I come to the mushroom death you get by changing to dark at that certain area. But I thought for a change to start with sunny weather, so I could get that woman's face. But after that, I can't change it to dark ever again - so now I have to start all over again, just because of that small mistake! That's just unfair. Your game is very unforgiving. And I don't like that. :(


2010-10-12 09:51:41

Oh, my god... now I tried to make it flawless through the game - and I forgot to let the ice witch kill me. And of course, the torch disappears and can't ever be found again afterwards, after using it the first time. Damn... seriously; you should make the game at least a tad more forgiving. I'm starting to give up. I need to make a list on paper to not forget everyone.

makopudding responds:

Well as long as you press replay at the end and then hit continue it saves all your previous deaths, so you don't have to get them all in one go.


2010-10-12 10:10:27

I've actually found a new bug... after trying to play through with all deaths for the fourth time! I was starting a new game, got some way through; and was going to the swamp to get killed by the snake. But accidently, Gretel appeared on the right edge of the screen, so she could get to the next spot - and there was Hansel. BUT I could not get up on him to get back... and I hadn't remembered to buy the map yet so far. So... I was stuck on that island. So... I will have now to try a fifth time to get all the deaths. My life isn't easy...


2010-10-12 10:28:20

Yeah, I found this room. :)


2010-10-12 13:28:33

I cant get the fairy death and snip snap and 5 other secret medals :((


2010-10-12 13:40:31

@ ggp
To get the Snip Snip medal, you need to get Hansel to grab the scissors and then fly in front of him when he has the scissors in hand, and he'll cut you when you take over as the fairy.


2010-10-12 15:59:07

I've found the room.


2010-10-12 16:41:04

Asides from two secret medals I am only missing the revenge beat a dead horse. How do I get it?


2010-10-12 18:15:20

Part three is ready?

or are you doing?


2010-10-12 19:41:42

I have but two of the possible secret medals seem impossible to get. I don't think anyone has found them (I've been doing my research on other member's pages as soon as I got frustrated trying to figure them out)


2010-10-12 19:47:48

I kept smackin the robots.


2010-10-12 20:16:33

the game is stuck after i defeat the stickman


2010-10-12 20:29:07

I know you got a lot of these but could you just give a hint on the one with the red herring?


2010-10-12 20:30:02

Oh and thank you for making such an awsome game its my favorite on newgrounds now!!!


2010-10-12 21:10:48

Please man, give us a hint in the two secret medals (but please don't reveal a "guide" on how to get them). I tried everything already. I drank the thing in the tree level more than 30 times, I tried to move Gretel in the ropes more than 50. That and a load more of things.


2010-10-12 21:59:50

@Baou77 red herring is something that is irrelevant, meant to mislead the observer or in this case player, a distraction


2010-10-12 22:43:56

This might help a lot of you.

Please do not go to this link if you do not need help in this game and if you do not want any spoilers. 204441
(remove any spaces within link)


2010-10-13 02:25:59

1st try : Eating even more mushrooms. [X]
2nd try : Do the tree puzzle within 10 seconds [X]
3rd try : Getting 10 000 points in mini game [?]

I feel somewhat lazy to click them.Up to 6 000 points and I gotta have lunch.


2010-10-13 14:31:38

I cant get 3 secret medlas but i know one will be for 5000 pints in the rpeloder but what are these 2 secret medals that everybody have problem's with , can anybody give a hint ??


2010-10-13 14:47:57

Nice easter egg, reminds me of Machinarium :)


2010-10-13 15:16:45

I just got 5000 points medal and i wanted to share it with you guys cos it was some challenge , oh shhhh , but anyway the final hat is just awsome , i hope the 2 secret medlas will be fixed soon or arent they broken?


2010-10-13 16:13:39

anyone try to beat the game very fast?


2010-10-13 20:48:41

wow man, props for the awesome game. I am actually trying to make flash games like gretel and hansel. Where do you think would a good starting point be to learn the material?

makopudding responds:

You should PM me and I'll give you some advice on this. :)


2010-10-13 21:02:48

I found it, thanks for various walkthroughs. I came across a glitch after leaving this room, though. After the Headless medal, it warped me back outside to the skull tree. When I tried to move, nothing responded. Fortunately, I was able to go back to the main menu via the button and reload without losing progress.


2010-10-13 23:15:03

Found two bugs. In the area with the house and faceless lady I randomly walked into that area and got stuck. I could walk down as far as I wanted without me going to the next screen, she would just disappear. I only used wasd to get there.

The second one is with the screaming vegetable. I picked him up and walked left one screen then up on the hidden walkway. I didnt use the glasses yet so I used them with my character at the very top. Immediately I went into the new screen with the old man. I couldn't move at all and my cursor disappeared in the game. Luckly when I restarted it was fine.


2010-10-14 04:13:23

i gotten there and i know one of the last two medals is plummer which states used the pip wisely or something but nothing happens any hint ?


2010-10-14 05:56:13

Maybe we need to get so much points in the preloader that the author is to lazy to click them.


2010-10-14 11:48:14

Hey I got all the deaths but when I click on the easter egg nothing happened. :(


2010-10-14 14:48:17

Count me~~~~

Still have two secret metals to get XD


2010-10-14 16:46:52

I think my cache was reset on accident, so I haven't yet gotten all the skulls.
Most likely I would have found it by now if that wasn't the case. :(


2010-10-14 19:48:32

I DID!!!


2010-10-14 19:54:40

i did too.

also easter egg kind of unclickable.

and nice first-comment spoiler


2010-10-14 19:59:28

I DID!!!

it was hilarious! i was beating on it for a while and i was like..hey why isnt it killin me or sumthing? so i went around it and hit it and it was like THWAK!


and i was like


lmao nice game loved it fully! make 3 come faster!!!


2010-10-14 20:15:26

how find dat room TT__TT ive been looking for like 30 minutes after game finsih


2010-10-14 20:40:15

hey I have a link to a guy who has a pic with all the medals except the broken ones if that helps with the broken medals
http://wonderthehedgehog.newgrounds.c om/news/post/525777


2010-10-15 08:37:48

I found it, too. Made me laugh xD
Still 3 more medals to get...I spent half an hour to hit the heads until I reached the 5000 and then my internet broke down -___-

Great game, love it!


2010-10-15 10:28:41

how do you get the strangle death???