2010-10-09 19:02:00 by makopudding

FINALLY!!! SO sorry for the delay everyone... but the game is now finally out!

Go play it and let me know what you think!!



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2010-10-09 19:02:42


By the way, will there be a part 3? :D

makopudding responds:

Of course!! I've got to finish the story!!


2010-10-09 19:16:43

I'll kill you!


2010-10-09 19:17:44

Thank you very much


2010-10-09 19:18:31



2010-10-09 19:24:01

Legendary news post.


2010-10-09 19:25:50

YES! This just made my day, good stuff bro.


2010-10-09 19:34:06

Beautiful game with a great ending; excellent job, Mako. You deserve any and all praise you get. Now off I go to get the last two deaths and the rest of the medals :D.


2010-10-09 19:37:00

Nice work, even though I didn't get the "Complete the Game" medal.

makopudding responds:

Might be a glitch... I'm all over it.


2010-10-09 19:41:43

Starts playing it...NOW!


2010-10-09 20:03:46

I think there's a bug Xd

I can't get through the whole "face sucking" phase for Emma - the flower part. It just freezes with the mirror glowing. No, my computer is not frozen because everything else is still moving.

makopudding responds:

hmmm i'll look into that, haven't seen that before


2010-10-09 20:21:35

Yo Mako. Found a glitch. I'm able to completely avoid lighting the first torch altogether. I just walked along the bottom of the screen. When I picked up the bone, my torch got replaced. So...I can't do anything now. I'm stuck now.

makopudding responds:

You can still beat the game with the bone... you can use either the bone or the arrow


2010-10-09 20:35:36

Broken Medals: Bad Doggy, Metal Sandwich, Till Part 3...


2010-10-09 21:18:06

Oh. Sorry for troubling you.


2010-10-09 21:34:32

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your new game. I played your first game just a few day ago so this is great timing.

I just wanted to inform you of some bugs I have found.
1) On the tree wheel. I HAVE to get the outer right first and then the middle 2. I had to watch the walk-through to find this out as I was getting all 3 rings together and then moving all by clicking the outer ring to get it in line with the trunk.
2) On the water wheel screen when I click the animation to get Hansel to turn the wheel Hansel will move to the wheel and it will glith and get him stick at the wheel while he is still in a running animation.
3) Also, it is not clear that I have to click the animation on putting the roots at the white tree. As I am able to actually click the root on the left two, I was stuck as I was trying to click the right two as well but that is not an option.


2010-10-09 21:58:32

Have you ever just sat on top of a hill, looked at everything around you out there, and how you're a tiny grain of sand compared to it all. Then just thought about how dwarfed this monolithic earth is compared to the vast boundless universe; and finally just thought to yourself...why is my dick so tiny?


2010-10-09 22:06:01

Great game. Loved it, even though i didnt finish it, or for that matter even come close.. You should make a walkthrough, for all the dumb retards (thats me)


2010-10-09 22:18:31

S'great game, but I think I found a glitch. Sometimes, in the area with the bridge and torch, when you ask Hansel to turn the wheel, he gets caught on the geography or something and runs in place.


2010-10-09 23:20:35

Will the final part be part 3?

makopudding responds:

Yes :)


2010-10-09 23:22:24

Oh and the Big brother medal is broken D:


2010-10-09 23:22:47

It's a great game! I'll be waiting for part 3.

Yet, I think I've found a bug. I finished the game using Firefox as my browser, as always, but I couldn't get all medals in one run, so I started the game again. After setting the tree on fire and leaving the room, the game freezes in a "Loading" screen. I just can't get to the next room.

I tried to:
- reload the page: when I selected "Continue", it just goes back to that "Loading" screen.
- reload the page and start a new game: it froze at the same point, same loading screen.
- restart Firefox: same problem, freezing when I continue or start a new game.
- restart Windows: same problem.

Then I tried to play with Internet Explorer. I tried to continue my game, but it went to that "loading screen" again. Yet, I decided to give it one more try and started a new game again. With IE I was able to play with no issues, except that I coundn't get the "Metal Sandwich" medal. I kept eating it, but there was no medal. :(

So I decided to try playing on FF again. When I loaded the game, it was at the point I left on IE (I love you!), but I still can't get the Metal Sandwich medal. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. XD I also didn't get the "Till part 3" medal. =P

Yet, when using FF, the animation (especially with Hansel) sometimes freezes and I have to reload the page to continue.

Sorry for the giant text, but I think every detail can help to fix this kind of bugs. :)

makopudding responds:

The metal sandwich medal is broken, im in the process of fixing it, same with the till part 3 medal.

The loading screen is doing exactly that, loading, I need to put a preloader in there so it will let the player know how much more time it will take to load, but if you wait the screen will eventually load. That's the solution I had to take when the game wouldn't render into a single swf file.


2010-10-09 23:40:49

Long live the king!!


2010-10-10 00:35:29

Man, I've been looking for hours and I can't find these medals ;-;. Is there any way you could PM a hint to the secret medals I'm missing?


2010-10-10 00:36:13

found a bug or glitch or something. When you fall down the hole in the second screen, when i got to the option of the fish, and i had one tree branch sticking out of my head ( i ate the pie haha) it wouldnt let me click either eat or reject.

makopudding responds:

People keep reporting these issues in the dinner scene but I can't replicate them :( I'll keep trying to and in the meantime I guess you'll just have to reload. Sorry about that.


2010-10-10 02:17:06

found a bug early in the game. after you burn tree man and go to next room it doesnt load. its stuck in the load screen. also i refreshed and it didnt save. although untill then it was a great game


2010-10-10 02:20:16

Found a bug. When trying to cross the swamp without Hansel, you can wear the glasses before the serpent reaches you. After Gretel is frozen in place while the serpent attacks, if you take off the glasses, you will be able to move again while the snake animation is still playing.
One time after I cheated the swamp, I hit Hansel and he fell off the screen and I was teleported to the cliff area. However, I seem to be unable to reproduce this.


2010-10-10 03:00:37

I got frozen in the part where you control a fairy. Hansel was stuck in a continuous swatting animation.


2010-10-10 03:35:32

It's TOO SAD that we had to wait until part 3!!!


2010-10-10 03:39:37

there a few bugs, but i finished the game with no problem, I dunno if this is a problem, but in some scenes when you have gretel walking too much you froze the game until you find the exit of the scence, other bug it's when you finish an scene and suddendly gretel get froze but you have to use the inventory and then you will unfroze her. nice idea with hear no evil see no evil, speak no evil, I didn't know what to do with the book until that. i think the old guy has to still playing the banjo.


2010-10-10 04:46:59

Just so you know, that freeze I was talking about happens after you move Hansel from the left to the middle and then try to fly up to the interaction point.

Also the mushroom death didn't respawn me so I had to refresh.

Also, big major glitch that actually helped me. Next to the bear river, if you hit Hansel it will trigger the cliff death and then you'll respawn at the real cliff. I wasn't even to that part yet.

Anyway, love the game and left a perfect 10 review.


2010-10-10 07:43:43

I managed to make Hansel eat the scissors (controlled by the fairy) and didn't get the medal.

If that's correct, then it's a bug.


2010-10-10 08:39:39

thank u ! this is just like a gift for the boring autumn


2010-10-10 09:23:39

Gretel breaks her slingshot near the beginning right? Well, if you open the inventory and then close it, her slingshot will work again... until she falls down the hall at least. Probably just developer oversight, but strange nonetheless.


2010-10-10 09:52:41

I love you!


2010-10-10 10:38:50

And as usual, games are released before bugs are fixed.

*clap clap*


2010-10-10 10:50:37

You've got to love Newgrounders. Every glitch that exists, they find almost immediately!

I haven't had time to play G&H2 yet but I am definitely going to.


2010-10-10 11:26:36



2010-10-10 11:49:28

This game is AWESOME! good work!


2010-10-10 12:31:32

Best. Game. Ever!


2010-10-10 12:57:28

love it. really do. played through multiple times just for fun. but as far as getting all the deaths at once, i can't seem to find the 'mushroom' one when it shows all of the ways you died once u beat the game. can you tell or at least hint how you die this way?

makopudding responds:

Play with the weather puzzle on the rainy screen...


2010-10-10 13:14:37

I can't see your vid walkthrough, How do you complete the tree puzzle?


2010-10-10 13:35:17

Awesome work, dark without the tim burton, she artwork for it itself looks like water colors a bit, for what the artist used, awesome artwork and awesome story, can't wait for the next one


2010-10-10 13:42:00

i liked but i will wait to complete (and rate) it when the major bugs will be fixed...


2010-10-10 13:47:59

I absolutely love this series! I have beaten both twice already and still find myself playing them over and over without getting completely bored. I did however, find a few glitches I thought you might like to know about if you don't already.

Glitch 1:
Whenever I go to make Hansel swallow the scissors, he swallows them and dies but no medal is given, but it states that I received the Metal Sandwich medal at the end of the game.

Glitch 2:
There are different points in the game where I will go to click on certain areas, and the game will freeze all of my movements and actions. The only way I can fix this is if I click on my inventory sack, but other times the sack will disappear forcing me to restart the game.

Glitch 3:
Near the end when I face the wolf, I'll flee from him and let him kill me but will not receive the Bad Doggy medal. Again, like the Metal Sandwich medal, it will display at the end of the game, but I will never actually get the medal. I've tried this four times now, each with separate saves ending in the same result.

That's really the only glitches I've ran into so far. I'll let you know if I find any others. I do wonder about that fairy with the tear drop over her head near the tree that gives you the orange that you can only see with the glasses. I've tried a lot of things to get her to do something, but can't figure out if she does anything or why she's there. Also, if that owl that is perched on top of the eye tree, which you can only see with the glasses. I tried hitting the tree with the stick, and it just shakes the screen and makes a hoot sound with each strike. I'm still trying to figure out how to get the secret medals and the SNIP SNIP and REVENGE medals. The GRIMM MASTER 2 medal I can't get because of the two death medals that glitch.

Again, incredible series, and please keep this one going; it's absolutely immersive and addicting!

makopudding responds:

You can still get the grimm master medal, you must be missing another death... probably the mushroom death. :)

The metal sandwich and bad doggy medals are still not working, i'm trying to get them to work but there's still giving me problems.


2010-10-10 14:59:55

It's very rich in thought and imagination, which really impresses me. Also how there's a dark gruesome horror to this which makes it more exciting! I've just finished the game and oh-oh-hoh...the the third one is at the house where the witch is at? I'm anticipating :D I wouldn't really call the second one a filler but packed full of adventure and detail that doesn't get me bored.

Glitches here and there, esp. with the medals and some of the gameplay. The bugs happen towards the end which kind of frustrated me, because I thought I would have to restart and play again. But every thing has its flaws.

But anyways, lovely series, you could say that I've fallen in love with it and great job to all of you :D Take your time on the last one and take care.


2010-10-10 15:21:41

i got something to say is gretel and hansel 3 is the last one send me a message and tell me (please)

makopudding responds:

Gretel 3 will be the last one. :)


2010-10-10 15:30:58

great,the game is AWSOME dude. oh and i found a little glitch: when i cross the bridge theres the wolf, but i can pass arround him and he dont attack me


2010-10-10 15:57:43

It was worth the wait, its truly a masterpiece.
But i found a glitch that made me gave up on hope to see the ending.
I used the screaming plant to get the statue to cover its ears, and after i took the fin, Gretel started running to the left, the man suddenly stopped playing his guitar and lost his hat and face, and i couldnt use anything, i was only allowedable to mute the game and open a link to NG. i refreshed believing that theres a continoue option. There was, but it started the game from the beginning... I will start over when i have free time, because im thrilled to see the conclusion, but right now, i feel i wasted time getting far into it. I hope you can fix it, and that no one else encounters this.
Cant wait for the third installment tough, im sure it will kics ass.

makopudding responds:

Wow that sounds like a major glitch... sorry about that. you should PM me with more detail.


2010-10-10 15:59:30

I played the game 2 times and I must play the game one more time because is so amazing...and I enjoyed as much as I enjoyed part 1


2010-10-10 16:28:20

hi there this is in regards to what i think may be a bug, when i tried to resume my game after i had exited out of newgrounds, the game will not load my progress when i return to play. it tells me its loading and completes the load up to 100% however the screen stays white and dosnt resume my game. i have tried reloading the page and even exiting the window and starting a fresh page, but i still get the same results...its a great game and im almost finished...i just dont want to have to start all over again :/

makopudding responds:

This is a bug, I just sent a fix for this to NG for approval, hopefully its up within an hour or so.


2010-10-10 17:32:03

Not sure what I love more.....solving the puzzles. the interesting story, how retarded hansal is, or just killing yourself for the hell of it XD