Gretel And Hansel 2 Video Walkthrough Part One

2010-10-09 16:59:43 by makopudding

Walkthrough Part One:

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2010-10-09 18:41:54

how did u get the bear hat?


2010-10-09 18:44:04

the cake was a lie


2010-10-09 18:46:06

*saves for reference*


2010-10-09 19:49:25

what if you don't get the dead arm during the meal part?


2010-10-09 20:07:38

The tree root/ weed pulling, is there a combo or is it random because its not working for me


2010-10-09 20:13:57

sonofhalo10 to get the bear hat u hav 2 score 500 in the preloader game


2010-10-09 20:16:56

The second part of the walkthrough is here: s/post/525360


2010-10-09 20:28:03

It said the game autosaves.... thats not happenin for me....

My browser refreshed and its a pain in the ass to get back XD


2010-10-09 20:44:25

the tree is bull


2010-10-10 01:03:49

There is a bug at the tree..cant pull the first two roots at the front..the back ones pull, just not the front ones...I tried refreshing the page. no go.


2010-10-10 02:15:32

Im havin trouble with the tree that feeds you. I burn it to hell,then I cut myself free,but then nothing happens. I cant continue on to the next room. Am I doing somthing wrong? Is there somthing I gotta click?


2010-10-10 03:09:06

can't use the mirror ,and my torch was gone after I got the bow


2010-10-10 04:05:26

How do you get the rucksack up?


2010-10-10 07:53:13

I got a bug:
If wood grows out of Gretel, and you click her, the wood disappears


2010-10-10 08:27:21

to get the witch hat you need to get 1000 point on the preloader


2010-10-10 10:28:34

If you play the pre-loader game long enough you can get a witches hat.


2010-10-10 12:00:21

yay! i've got a witch hat!!!!! i did it by obtaining 1000 points on the loading game wiiiiii


2010-10-10 14:56:50

I am with bunnyice. I never got the arrow, so i cant beat the game. it sucks


2010-10-10 16:16:34

Are there any secret medals for the preloader part? Can someone PM me? Thanks...I got up past 500 but no medals.

makopudding responds:

Go for 5000 and see what happens :)


2010-10-10 16:28:46

sonofhalo u have to click the heads in the preloader and get 500 points


2010-10-10 20:27:02

Don't tell me... I really gotta restart the game, to get the arm from the wooden cook?


2010-10-10 23:09:24

in the loading screen get 500 points


2010-10-11 09:42:31

5000 points? Seriously? I had gotten tired by 1000. Oh well, let's go get 5000 points. ;)


2010-10-11 12:40:51

Omg no. I have to start over to get the arm... I thought I was supposed to not eat anything, but I guess being a cannibal is okay? XD Waaaah!


2010-10-11 18:49:44

hahah who else liked tht harr potter reference where you take out tht screaming plant =D


2010-10-12 00:45:49

game doesnt work...


2010-10-12 02:57:28

@jose9057033: That's not a Harry Potter reference. You might want to look up folk lore surrounding Mandrakes. You'll see that it far precedes it.

Dang it mako! A hint on how to get Secret Medals 2 & 5 would be nice! And what's the deal with the owl in the tree!

I'm so lost!


2010-10-12 08:48:28

My tree dont want to get apples D:
I went twenty times back to get new water, but nothing happends >.<
Help pls


2010-10-12 12:59:22

I have found every kinds of death except the fary and the mushroom
can anyone help me with that two?


2010-10-12 14:25:28


Those are Oranges. Use your glasses on the tree, you'll see a water drop and a fairy. Its indicating that you need the water from the fairy pond.


To get Snip Snip, lead Hansel to the scissors and make him pick them up. Now fly in front of him and he'll cut you in half.

To get the Mushroom, turn rain into night by adjusting the weather puzzle. Place the Closed Eye at the top and adjust the outer ring to either show the Star or the Moon. Zoom out and you'll see the glowing mushrooms. Now make Gretel eat one.


2010-10-13 00:53:00

Got 5000 points already. Took me a good 30 - 40 min straight. Hey makopudding, should I tell them what they get? Or does everybody already know. I really think 5000 points was a bit overboard... maybe adding in a prize at 3000 would've helped... or stopping there... Maybe changing the score bubbles instead of just being 1, 5, and 10. But nonetheless I better get back to the game =D


2010-10-13 00:57:46

Um... also ... I was thinking about starting a new game with this walkthrough to guide me.... but I just got 5000 freakin' points on the pre-loader game. It says starting a new game will erase the current save... will it erase my prizes from the pre-loader? =/


2010-10-13 08:43:37

woot 4 metal hankie!!!


2010-10-13 12:44:42

I got a glitch here.
I lost my torch in the ice cave. I lighted all the candles and then it dissapeared ( with the black arrow that the monster has dropped ) I tried to play a new game, but then it happends again! D: so I cannt compleet this game...


2010-10-14 08:45:54

i got the bear hat and the witch hat by playing the mini game (click faces) to 1000 points!


2010-10-14 11:59:38

Score 1000 to get a bear hat.


2010-10-14 13:01:09

I Got 5000 Clicks And Nothing Happened. D=
Were You Trollin?? >=[


2010-10-14 19:47:46

Two Glitches.

1.) the robot tree thing, when ever I come back out of the tree, and my soul or what ever tries to go back into my real body, it freezes up on me and i lose control of gretel.

2.) Glowing mushroom glitch, I ate the mushrooms, my head exploded, and I was still able to run around, then go back into my body fully. Then it lost control. Im not sure if that made any sense, but thats what I found ha.

Great game. I was waiting patiently for it :) and I am dying to find out what the other secret medals are...Can I get a hint? THANK you :D Cant wait for part three...but I will haha.


2010-10-14 22:06:58

ahh dam i wasted like an hour or so just doing the clicking thingy... i got crazy hat thing wit da eyes on top .... OMFG = =


2010-10-15 02:24:00



2010-10-15 02:24:28



2010-10-15 20:55:08

Where can i get the soundtrack ?!! Its awesome


2010-10-16 05:55:16

I got till 5000 and nothing happened. D= But the faces stopped appearing tho. What was supposed to happen?


2010-10-16 15:33:47

how can i get the free bird medal and the revenge medal?


2010-10-16 19:37:01

Help, if you score 1000 in the beggin you have all hats


2010-10-18 18:37:05

You get a hat for scoring 5000 points. I'm not trolling nor is the artist lol. It's a bitch to get though.


2010-10-20 00:00:16

hay xAyjAy you can get the free bird by going to the spot just befor the end where you get the bridge to show up...Hansel is looking over the edge go up and hit him with the tree arm. The beat a dead horse... go up to hansel at the lake with the snake and start hitting him with the tree arm he will hit you back and thats it.


2010-10-25 12:44:03

what do you do once the walk through has finished ?!?!? i'm stuck


2010-10-25 12:46:56

i can't start the facking walkthrough help


2010-10-28 06:39:32

I have some glitches to report

gave the tree some water, it did not grow leaves or fruit, so i went back to the river by the bear and got some more water since it wouldnt let me get any by the faries, when i went back to the swamp the characters disappeared and I could not click on the map, i can hear them walking in place though