Entry #17

iii concept art

2013-07-04 17:22:51 by makopudding

Enjoy the 4th everyone! Here's a bit of concept art. Major updates coming soon :)

iii concept art


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2013-08-17 19:00:34

Your return is glorious indeed.


2013-08-27 16:36:07

Dude I was so happy when I saw this update :D sorry for the really desperate message I sent you XD I mean I was really worried about you being dead or alive XD The concept art is looking awesome :D Someday I'll make something like this :D



2013-09-12 06:35:17

HI I really enjoy your games but could you plz give us. Once a month or one a week some news about your project, it's hard for people who like me go one a month on your profil. And see nothing new.
Hope for ANY news, good luck


2013-09-12 06:37:50

And since you post this i look your profil really more than once a week......


2013-09-19 10:28:12



2013-09-26 13:00:19

I'm so, so happy to see that you're still working on the project! I had almost given up hope. Can't wait to see the finished game :)


2013-09-27 09:36:22

All this time... what happened? You never updated us on what was going on with you, seeing you've been having this huge long drawn out gap of 2 years, not saying a single word. Some of us thought you even where dead, MakoPudding... do you realize how serious that is? I mean, third game aside - it was a scary thought to think you had passed on, and no one would ever know about it. :'(


2013-10-09 22:34:54

so when do think might we be expecting the 3rd part? Im just dying to play it.


2013-10-11 15:23:57

lol, for the last 3 years, i waited this. Nice to see you alive and kicking xD
Have hope, this will out in next year, good luck ~


2013-10-22 16:52:41

I thought you were dead. :|

Did you know you're the only one--THE ONLY ONE--who I ever thought made a game that seemed like it was designed to be great, every step of the way? Like, not at any point did I ever suspect you decided to "let it go" because it was "good enough". There was meaning and mystery behind every scene. You are a god to me.

Now get back to work lest I turn back to false idols!


2013-10-23 08:07:20

maaan, we hope you're fine.
your fans are waiting... ^^
keep on working part 3 :)



2013-10-24 21:34:52

hi!!! where can I find the 3rd one? :(


2013-11-05 05:58:15

Gretel looks absolutely adorable.


2013-11-19 05:17:11

4 months isn't exactly soon....still no updates. Man, I really hope you make time for some because I love these games, I guess life has kept you busy, but update usssss! Hope all is well


2013-12-12 07:00:01

Well,I'll just queue in on the waiting list for updates...
If there's a chance of part III looking like the pic above: It's well worth waiting until July 2014.
(I wouldn't mind any sooner release...)


2014-01-05 05:45:47

Happy New Year!


2014-01-24 00:32:35

it's not dead, that's all i needed to know. that's a sigh of relief that i needed for the past 3 years


2014-02-23 08:46:58

you know what? i would pay a real money to play this game... like really...


2014-02-23 23:27:49

I've been waiting to do the Beta for this game for over two years... you alright man?


2014-02-26 17:26:06

After two years, I am beginning to doubt we'll ever see this game. I've seen this sort of thing too many times before.

Why couldn't the beta version at least be released?


2014-03-09 17:29:06

Why did you let us done man?
This series was my favourite online gaming series to this date. It had a huge impact on the way I look at and review games.
And yet, after so many years, my hopes for episode 3 have diminished.


2014-03-10 00:51:59

I still have a lot more hope for Gretel and Hansel 3 than for Divine Intervention Part 2. I believe in you, mako.


2014-03-17 04:27:03

I'd just like to say that i thought that the music in the second game was awesome and really gave it exactly the right atmosphere. Also just so me and a lot of other people know. Are you at all working on Gretel and hansel 3?


2014-03-20 23:48:11

Hey everyone! The possible reason that its taking him so long must be because he is working hard on it. He might be doing this alone, having to do artwork, programming, and even music (Okay, maybe not). But I still believe its going to be released and I cant wait


2014-03-27 08:35:18

REALLY REALLY glad that youre still out there and working on it. The second part was by far the best flash game Ive ever played.


2014-05-05 01:00:33

Everyone please have patience. I'm pretty sure by the time he gets this game done is when he will announce it on Newgrounds. If there was anyway that we all can help him out is if we support him with relaxation. so don't worry, he will be finished really soon.


2014-06-21 06:03:18

Supporting the game yes, but makopudding post :
iii concept art
7/4/13 so MORE THAN ONE YEAR and not even a message for fans.
It's one of the worst communication ever!!!
Maybe he draw the concept art then he decide to stop the developpement.
So i can say i love these game but i think makkopudding is a little selfish.


2014-07-12 17:56:20

It's July now, and still no news


2014-07-13 00:28:57

Yo man, do what you gotta do. I want a quality game just like the other two or something even better.
So take the time you need and bump all these whiners.


2014-08-06 23:32:01

Gonna be calm. Look people, GOOD THINGS TAKE TIME! (Can people just listen to that!?)


2014-08-08 06:48:11

I don't want the game, i want some news!


2014-08-26 23:17:48

Good News, but... need New News Mako :S


2014-09-08 16:48:42

Gretel and Hansel 3 ? I just loved the previous 2 ones :]


2014-09-23 03:30:14

This jerk's been earning new medals for new games on Newgrounds as recently as last month, so he's not dead, he's ignoring us.
I don't buy that he "needs time". It's been what, 4 years since G&H2? Here are my best theories:
1) He's convinced his ideas are crap or he's bitten off more than he can chew, and is afraid to finish production.
2) He's a pain to work with so nobody can or will work with him.
3) He's a manchild. He can't finish the game b.c. he was kicked out of his parents' house and has no capital to produce it with, much money to fund it.
4) Fundamentalists convinced him that his game is evil so now he only makes gaudy microtransaction puzzle games.

makopudding responds:

Unfortunately its closest to 4. But I dig all of your other theories. Im not dead, not ignoring anyone. The reality is more complicated but Gretel 3 isn't forgotten and neither are my lovely fans.


2014-09-27 12:28:52

I think to many ppl think it is a duty to give news for something they don't make themselves (cf the guy under), leading to some hatred. Personally I'm hyped because this just mean we might have the conclusion of a wonderful series, thank you.


2014-09-27 15:14:32

Hate's a strong word for a quiet video-game designer. He's been making other games since G&H2, just not on Newgrounds--his name is David Bae or Nathan Ratcliffe and they're the only two people who worked on this game directly. Both their names are in credits of recent games.

I do object quite strongly to the popular belief that gamers must thank the developer-gods for every scrap of info or awful gameplay they throw our way. That moves the quality of games and the relationship between fans and developers backwards, not forwards. Free games certainly warrant more leeway in updates than $60, FFF shooters/RPG's by Spongie or Ubiflaccid, but there is no such thing as bad bad publicity...except no publicity. In fact, if Bae or Ratcliffe intend to finance a for-profit third installment of their series, they can only benefit from banging a gong and directing all their loyal minions (myself included, even still) to Kickstarter.

Your memmory may be short, or maybe you just discovered G&H2 for the first time, but, but the game first came out 4 years ago and this news update is 2 years old. In those 4 years we have only seen 3 cryptic concept doodles. It's perfectly alright for Bae and Ratcliffe to have more pressing priorities in their lives and developement cycles. But as long as one of them (whichever individual "Makopudding" is) is still coming here (as recently as last month), the least he could do is take a moment between games of "Phoenotopia" to say so to fans who promoted his work so well when he was first starting out.

makopudding responds:

Your post is appreciated. And I apologize for being under the radar. I hate sharing no news, but unfortunately sometimes that's all I've got. In the games industry sometimes you aren't allowed to talk about projects and I was under a 2 year contract preventing me from working on the game. But now that is over and we are doing our best to bring part 3 to life. I can't say much more right now but a lot of thought and work has gone into it and Gretel isn't forgotten. Its very hard to make free games for your only living, so obviously we've had other jobs that have also prevented us from completing the game. But I won't be satisfied unless Gretel gets finished. Thanks for posting and caring.


2014-10-11 15:44:57

Wow. This is ugly. People accusing a game designer of ignoring them and even hating them for not being given a game they "want".
Gretel and Hansel is a good series and I really want to see it continued, but no one deserves that.
Getting a free (F R E E !!) game of pure awesomeness is a gift and should be fun. Enjoy your others games while they last!

Nevertheless... If you'd answer the request of some people (who also follow you, you know) that would be quite a sensitive move.


2014-10-16 08:14:17

So psyched.


2014-10-19 13:39:17

Thank you, makopudding, for your comments below. Hearing you say that you won't be satisfied until Gretel 3 gets finished has put me in a fantastic mood! I wish you nothing but the best and I'll be waiting patiently for Gretel 3, even if it takes a long time to finish it.

You're the man, makopudding. You made a free flash game and people are actually getting angry when they don't get more. Whether or not it is right for the fans to be angry at you, you can definitely tell by their passion that you created something incredible!

Keep it up!


2014-10-30 02:09:46

Wow, 4 years after the 2nd game and you're still trying to finish what could be the last of this series. Just knowing that you're still commenting brings hope into this bleak unknown for what we call rumors and random speculations. Kudos to you and good luck finishing this. Until its released, I'll stay diligent and persistent until the end of days. Or until I stop caring (which is a very long time).


2014-10-31 21:44:41

I just hope nothing is wrong with you cause I loved this game so much. Last time you told me that all of the team is hard at work in life. I just hope you guys can work this part 3 out for all the loyal fans cause I'm so tired of waiting each year with nothing.


2014-11-13 03:29:35

I think I won't wait any further than 2015 / 2016 & I' sorry to say that. It's a shame forgetting such a great game. I even included it in my blog for horror & scary games & I don't include any game really. It's better to respect you fans & start working on part 3 as soon as you can. You may even try to contact new people to help you finish it other than your original team.


2014-12-29 12:30:36

oh wow! he lives! im so glad to hear it! :D
finally light at the end of the tunnel. it is much appreciated to hear something rather than nothing at all. what he seems to not understand is that a lot of people need updates even if there is no change. there's so much distrust these days... impatience.

I myself am guilty of speculating that maybe he didn't care but that's mainly due to no updates at all. cant expect people to just trust with no updates. especially for such a long time.
I am very glad to finally see some kind of update, some hope. :)

so anyway, even if there's nothing to say nor anything new to report on this project but saying something is better than nothing.

looking forward to playing G&H3!!!

PS- how much is left to do on it before it's done?


2015-01-14 08:19:34

goddamit she so kawaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiii!!!!


2015-02-07 04:29:02

*Sigh* After 2 years... No signs of internet activity=DEAD.

R.I.P. MakoPudding


2015-04-16 23:38:07

You're definitely either dead or not interested anymore. Either way two years of nothing says quite a lot.


2015-04-21 08:06:58

if you do not work in the game, at least say…” the project will not continue”,...
I come here from time to time hoping to find something, is pretty bad and not find anything, I come every year and nothing,this is sad. so if you canceled it, tell.
stop making us wait, just say…
and if you're still doing… show us, I just want to have a security, all we want…


2015-04-24 13:35:26



2015-06-07 18:24:10

Please, please, PLEASE tell us what is going on... It's been 2 years man!
Whether the game is dead or not, please give us, your fans, the closure we deserve. This is one of my very favourite game series, and I check your pages every month to see what's happening. I want part 3 more than any other game, and even if it's not going to happen, I'm stuck in the past until youcome out and say what's happening.
Please :(


2015-07-18 10:54:13

Last update was two years ago. Is G&H 3 stuck in limbo or dead?