Beta Testing for Gretel 3 is CLOSED!

2011-03-29 18:48:16 by makopudding

Hello everyone, thank you all for the really positive response to my request for beta testers for Gretel Part 3. I now have enough volunteers and am closing the beta list. The game will take several months to get to beta (at least 7) so you will all need to be patient but if I replied to your PM's with a, "you're on the list" then you are on the list! Wish us luck as we start major development... this one will be the best for sure!


Beta Testing for Gretel 3 is CLOSED!


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2011-03-29 20:04:31



2011-03-29 20:06:10

are you gonna do the Cameos ones? that I PM you?


2011-03-29 20:17:51

there was a beta?
¬ ¬ didn't see an fp of that one.


2011-03-29 21:15:33

Congrats on heading into Beta! Looking forward to more deliciously twisted gameplay ^_^


2011-03-29 21:46:48

Damn,good luck.


2011-03-30 03:09:49

good luck
I look forward to the game


2011-03-30 06:43:26

damn I missed


2011-03-30 08:44:25

Wow! Sound amazing ^_^
Only ~ 7 month and beta out! I hope this game will be more amazing that part.1 and part.2 !
But why i hope wwww this game will be amazing!
Buti have small question, did you have plane in next fwe motnh "fix" 2 / 5 secret medals in part.2 ?


2011-03-30 09:04:53

what is a beta? haha I´m not so smart... my brain is like a shrimp but can someone please explain....'


2011-03-30 13:10:56

good luck dude! looking forward to playing the game! :)


2011-03-30 13:42:45

You need more artist? I can help with the pictures!


2011-03-30 14:12:27

Good luck guys! I cannot wait for it, but please take your time and hope its awesome.


2011-03-30 15:03:19

that long?:'(


2011-03-30 22:46:46

I'm on the list! So damn excited for this game! Mako - you are a frickin' hero! I've said it before and I'll say it again...YOUR GAMES BELONG ON XBOX-LIVE! They are literally as important to me as any Lucas Arts Games and that says alot!


2011-04-02 00:47:44

good like

make more :)


2011-04-03 16:25:48

the last or the 3rd game in a serie is always the best. god of war 3, assassins creed 3, spider-man 3. its just depends on how much work you put in it :3


2011-04-06 06:07:09

can you tell us when the game will come


2011-04-08 08:25:46

Good luck with the project.


2011-04-08 13:18:17

There was beta? crap, lol. I would've loved it. Can't wait for the third!


2011-04-12 01:23:57

I just can't wait for it!
Oh and nice umm art!
why do i keep pressing enter anyway


2011-04-19 12:31:30

So we can expect it at october then, right? I can't wait. I'm a big fan of your great game. Can't really wait till october.


2011-04-19 12:33:58

Would you mind taking a look at my water color art work and see if you like them or not? so I may work with you & I'll be so happy to.


2011-04-20 15:31:28

I cant wait! :D


2011-05-26 13:13:50

Best one for sure, hmm? Well, you did promise that the second game would be better than the first one, which it wasn't. Sure, all the fanboys and fangirls thinks it is; but I am myself a constructive and analyzing reviewer. Your second game might have been bigger and more epic - but it has flaws. The music isn't half as good as it is in the first one (not having anything against the music in the second game really; but it's not at all as memorable as the first game's music, or as charming), some of the riddles are too confusing, you've added in lots of elements that felt inappropriate for the fairy tale like the ice queen, the living tree having children captured to eat weird shit and the white tree with eyes, the trap with the snake in the swamp is obnoxious and annoying when you don't know it, and it overall feels like you try to add way too much depth into a story which shouldn't have it as much.

Now, you may think I dislike Gretel and Hansel 2? I don't. I really don't. It's a fun and creative game. But it lacks the subtle charm and balance of the first game. You're probably not reading my post, but... I feel like I want to share my opinion anyway, just in case off. I support you guys, as I love the originality your games has. But try to keep in mind that the first game was the superior one of the two you've developed so far.


2011-12-13 18:54:08

looks good so far ^^ cant wait for another disturbing yet fun gretel and hansel game :) (p.s that witch scres the hell out of me everytime i see at the credits XD)


2011-12-13 18:57:37

also,in the second the person with the creepy arms and knife in the ice (the one were you get the bone with the torch) is that the witch from the credits in the first one?


2012-02-26 14:10:23

I want this !!!!!!!!!!!!


2012-11-12 22:21:11

To everyone who has been wondering. There ALWAYS has to be a beta of a game before it gets released to ensure there are no bugs. But insofar, the Beta hasn't even been released to those of us who got accepted. As far as I can tell, Mako might have put us on the back burner for now, but I can never be certain of anything since there is no news.


2012-11-19 18:57:24

beta list :]


2014-04-14 11:40:01

4 years bro
I am very upset


2014-04-14 11:40:34