Gretel and Hansel Part 2 Walkthrough (PART TWO)

2010-10-09 17:41:01 by makopudding

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2010-10-09 18:40:17

Haha, that is awesome


2010-10-09 18:46:24

*saves for reference*


2010-10-10 05:59:08

i made the tree puzzle correctly but i don't get anything


2010-10-10 09:56:18


It only works if your last move is moving the middle two circles.


2010-10-10 18:37:47

I water the Orange tree but nothing happens :(


2010-10-10 18:43:53

Oh and Btw if you hit Hansel with the tree branch your inventory dissapears why? Is it a glitch?


2010-10-10 20:44:56

Yeah I have the same problem as NighHawk250, I watered the tree before the puzzle and nothing happened, and after I completed the puzzle I watered the tree and again nothing happened.


2010-10-10 22:46:51

same problem as NighHawk250 and MrAids =__=


2010-10-11 00:57:37

this walkthroughs a lying piece of shit! all of the places its shows where single coins are......theyre not there! great game though, but this walkthrough is a lying bitch


2010-10-11 00:57:38

I THINK... I might've stumbled upon a glitch of somesort.
You know, you're supposed to water that tree next to the puzzle.
Thing is, I've watered it 3 times now, and nothing ever happens!
You think it might be a glitch, or a bug?


2010-10-11 01:01:19

@Nighthawk and co:

There's two kinds of water, regular and the magic fairy kind. go to the fairy pond for the kind that works.


2010-10-11 05:12:06

Ah, I hadn't watched the first part of the walkthrough, thanks Snappler.


2010-10-11 09:37:41

How could I NOT remember THAT?! D'OH!
Thanks, Snapper!!


2010-10-11 18:50:22

...I never got the book...FML.


2010-10-12 03:02:28

The hint for getting the Orange is using the glasses. You'll see a depiction of a Water drop and a Fairy. It's telling you to go to the fairy pond and use its water for that tree.


2010-10-12 04:13:55

for the guys with the problem about watering the tree....
... it has to be done with the water of the fairy fountain.


2010-10-12 18:32:36

wow thanks guys! but try hitting hansel with the space bar its wierd!


2010-10-14 13:57:18

When I used the water with the tree in this video show that glooms fruits...
BUT WHEN I PLAY DIDN'T HAPPANDS! so I can't go on in the game...


2010-10-14 17:41:54

Guys THE WATER HAS TO BE FROM THE FAIRY POND not anywhere else If it is not glowing then you have the wrong type of water


2010-10-14 20:40:11

Just for the record, not ALL of those Skulls are invisible. Spent like a fricking hour trying to figure that out till I found out it wasn't important.


2010-10-14 23:07:19

But what do you do when you light one of the torches for that ice witch,
and then your torch disappears?
I may have to play on,
but i hope i dont have to start the game over over get the torch again


2010-10-15 13:49:41

Thanks madopudding for this walktrough,and thanks to Snappler,i wouldnt pass orange tree without you!


2010-10-15 17:51:53

Good LORD how do you people have so many issues? I ran through the game twice just like the walkthrough and everything is just as it says...


2010-10-15 19:53:12

Nice walkthrough! It saved my butt more than once :P
But what do you do if you didn't order the severed arm from the tree in the beginning? Hansel is standing on top of the barrel and jumping at the body hanging from the ceiling, but I can't get him to do anything! I'd really like to not have to start over


2010-10-16 01:22:41

Anyone know about the 8 secret medals?please help me. I only found secret 3,6and7...


2010-10-17 17:29:51

Why cant i find the arrow to shoot the wolf? I LOOKED EVERYWHERE AND COULDNT FINDZ IT -.-"


2010-10-17 17:32:20

ok, you left out the part about the second arrow. might want to fix that. took me forever to find it.


2010-10-26 15:14:27

I dont know why but when i water the tree no orange pops up...wdf? is this a bug or glitch?


2010-10-27 16:40:37

I got the oranges to grow but... ehh, I haven't received the orange that falls down and I catch. Maybe I'm just doing something wrong. xD


2010-10-29 16:03:36

@Kefield, you have to hit the tree with spacebar, and then the orange drops.


2010-10-31 14:45:51

How do you get that bag of coins down from the tree in the Fairy sequence? I'm stuck without that bag of coins.


2010-11-03 05:54:52

ok, first off, you need the FAIRY water for the tree, secondly, you HIT the tree to get the orange. third, the arrow to kill the wolf is in the Ice Queen Lair (do NOT light the torch under the bone in sequence with the arrow-torch, murder breaks free) and finally, refer to the first AND second walkthrough videos. This will save you time and patience. nice concept makopudding, wonder when 3 will be out.


2010-11-05 23:24:41

Can someone tell me how to pass the wolf? That hand option to use the bow don't appear to me, and I don't know what to do...


2010-11-22 18:33:35

video walkthroughs are awesome and all but can you make a written walkthrough? thanks


2010-12-31 03:18:32

You guys need to water the tree with the water from the pond where the fairies are at.


2011-01-08 17:31:22

I love the way Hansel runs! XD


2011-01-28 02:19:40

When I try to use the mirror on the woman who was murdered, the inventory gets in the way.


2011-01-29 10:47:36

can't wait till part 3 :3


2011-02-19 23:53:56

whoa where is the guy in the game when i started this, it was a differant biginning.


2011-05-19 13:11:06

Make a walkthrought for all deaths!


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2011-12-10 10:07:11

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2016-06-08 06:39:15

I didn't see the walkthrough! Where is it? O.o