Entry #17

iii concept art

2013-07-04 17:22:51 by makopudding

Enjoy the 4th everyone! Here's a bit of concept art. Major updates coming soon :)

iii concept art


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2015-07-18 13:18:27

If you scroll up a little, you will see that on october 15th 2014, nine months ago, Makopudding responded to a user here. He said that he will not be satisfied until Gretel 3 is finished. That's the last (unofficial) update. To answer your question: Gretel 3 is probably in limbo right now but definitely not dead! I have faith that it will be finished some day. I hope it will be soon, but there is no telling how far he is with the game or how much time he has available to work on it.


2015-07-19 10:56:00

Me too. I loved the first and second games so much that I bought the complete soundtrack for the second game.


2015-07-27 19:04:57

I bought the soundtrack too! It's amazing isn't it? Let's hope the soundtrack to the third will be as good.


2015-07-28 03:24:19

It really is :)


2015-10-18 11:10:58

It's oktober again. The perfect time for another little update don't you think, @makopudding ?


2015-10-23 00:51:54

Hey! Makopudding! You don't know me, and i don't usually leave coments but well, I just wanted to tell you that we really liked to have some new about the game, I mean, I been following you since the first game came out, and it's been so many years now, but I'm sure when i tell you that we Haven't forgot Gretel and Hansel, the first year i used to check for news every day, the second year i did it once a month, and later from that every time i remember, you see, I think that at least we deserve to know some news, I mean, if you don't want to go on with gretel and hansel 3 it's totally fine!!! but dont make us just wait for it for ever, i think we deserve to know if it's over, or even have some news like once every 3 months or something. I grew up with this game, I'm not a child like I used to be when this came out, I'm older, and I think, we your fans, old or new, we deserve to know something.


2015-10-31 14:00:40

(not 2015 either, but we still have hope)


2015-11-11 23:44:19

Active or not due to computer breakage?


2015-12-15 08:38:43

Where are You :((


2015-12-24 05:13:03

Just one more day till Christmas and all I want to see
beneath the Christmas tree
all that counts for me
is Gretel three.


2015-12-26 16:06:04

I have checked this page a lot, I think i come once every 3 months or so to check if it's done. I just hope Gretel 3 will actually exist.


2016-01-18 00:46:53

Hope to hear something from you maybe this year!


2016-02-10 06:37:24

hope to see gretel and hansel part 3 soon


2016-02-21 21:45:48

Welp, three years later and I'm still waiting.


2016-03-11 18:28:39

I'm still waiting for the third game of Hansel
What happend???


2016-04-19 09:39:08

it's been 84 years


2016-05-22 08:05:02

The Fran Bow indie game is the game from him?


2016-05-30 16:02:29

i'm see art Part 3 game great :D


2016-06-29 00:49:19



2016-07-03 21:04:42

You haven't posted a blog in three years?! You really did sell your soul, didn't you?! :P


2016-08-03 01:14:27

Major updates coming soon aaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnndddddd it's 2016.


2016-09-17 21:14:55

It's been 84 years.


2016-09-27 22:12:12

We miss ya man D: hope you're not dead.


2016-10-02 01:07:57

We 2 still hoping to play G&H3. Come on!


2016-10-27 05:12:05

I miss you Sir :"( Please continue your Gretel and Hansel <33


2017-01-16 09:48:23

*laid flowers at Gretel3's grave*


2017-01-24 05:48:43

Its been years now. When will the 3rd game come out?


2017-02-02 00:54:16

Still waiting!


2017-02-12 22:26:14

And four years later................


2017-06-17 09:31:15

You need make 3rd part of G&H...
2017 is now if you dont know ....lol


2017-08-01 19:10:41

We're still waiting dude! Do you need my money?? I'll pay for the 3rd part dude but, please show us some sign youre not dead


2017-08-02 04:20:52

I'm willing to donate too, just set up a gofundme page and see how much your fans want part 3!


2017-08-26 15:47:16

After give us such a good adventure like remake of our childhood stories blended with blood and horror,

cut it in half..??

It is called torture Sir, I demand my rights Sir...


2017-09-09 21:53:32

Hey, man. You still here? It's been a good 4 years since your last update. I don't know if I'm talking into the void here, but it would be nice to have any kind of indication that you're alive. Your games were pretty great and I'm still here waiting for the Half-Life 3 of Newgrounds that may or may not ever be released. Hope you're not literally dead.